Help. Did i buy a dud



Went into the local Pawn shop and picked up a Iwata Power Jet Lite for $120 AUD

Hooking it up at home. And it is whisper quiet.

But the in built regulator isnt very precise.

To get 10 PSI i have to set it at 15psi and then when i pull the trigger it goes down to 10 and holds at ten till i let go if my trigger.

At 7 PSI it just empty's completely and wont come back on.

Do you need a separate regulator or should i just go and get my money back ?
The "Smart Jet Technology" may not recognize that low of a PSI at the pressure switch it uses. You should be able to spray just about anything detail wise at 10psi.

The drop you are seeing is normal, I have a Power Jet. If I have my regulator pressure set to 40, it will drop about 5psi down to 35.
Your idle and running pressure will be different.

Does the compressor work consistently with 10psi and above?

I have smart Jet and hooked up another regulator with 50' of 3/8" coiled air hose. This serves a few purposes of one provides better air regulation at lower PSI, Two helps eliminate moisture before hitting the second regulator and moisture trap, and third helps to keep the compressor switching on and staying on. If I didn't have the second regulator I would ahve to open the drain to achieve lower pressures which in turn would run the compressor continuously thus greatly shortening the life span of the compressor. Hope that helps. Let me know if you want to see some pictures of the set up for better understanding.

Thanks Don. Very helpfull. So you run the hose off of the origional regulator. Then add another regulator. And the attach the Airbrush hose.

Which regulator do then then set at the desired PSI
Sorry for the late reply. Yes I do. open the one from the compressor to full the regulate pressure form the last one just before the airbrush and after the hose. This will regulate your pressure. the hose acts as a bit of a resivour and also let the air cool down acting as a bit of a moisture separator as well. As we know the moisture separators should be as close to your airbrush and sprayguns to truly be effective.