help i am out on deep wather



hello all i need help a friend ask me to paint this and i would love to do it but i have no clue how to start with this one so please help me to make my friend happy and paint this ship
Carene 2.jpg
I would start with the background and water, and then lots and lots of masking. Looks like a fun project. Just paint what you see and you'll do great!
I would mask off the shadow of the boat and then the sails. .... start with the sea. ... lightest tones first then adding shape and dimension with increasingly darker layers.... then I would back mask the sea. ... concentrate on the sky. ... add whatever clouds you want following mitches cloud tutorial for help. ... then paint the boat. ... darkest areas first. ... the sails are simple once you have the shape. ... shadows all fall from the same angle
Have to agree. White board. Mask the ship off as well as the sails separately. Paint the water and sky. Then all the wood. You should be able to just tint the sails. A bit masking intensive. Make sure to get a good paper or board that will stand up to masking.
thanks for the advise and tips but what kind of paper board is the best to stand so much masking :beguiled:
Alf, if you can find pregessoed harwood artist panels they hold up to masking very well. I use frisket on mine so that I can cover an area and lightly cut out details with a very sharp Exacto #11.
Wow! Its going to look amazing when ur done!

Lines and Dotz! Lines and Dotz!