HELP!! I'm new to airbrushing and already having problems



I have a brand new Paasche Double Action CE. It is fresh out of the box and I'm trying to use it for the first time. I think I'm doing something wrong.
I've diluted my paint until it is very watery. All that happens is first I get a big puddle of color, then it sprays for about 3 seconds, then stops. And the whole time I am getting drips of color all over.
There were really no instructions included with the airbrush. Can you help? Thankzzz
well brooke , i could be wrong but it sounds like you needle is not set into the nozzle there should be a chuck at the back of your airbrush where the end of the needle is, loose you needle and and reset it into the nozzle, but dont force it, push it forward until it stops, and then put your chuck back on the end of the airbrush, be careful and do not bend the tip of you needle, you should watch mitchs , airbush tutor, video, how to maintain an airbrush,
hi brooke, what paint are you using, are you using water to "dilute" water is ok with most acrylic paints but realy you want top be using brand specific"reducer".you want to reduce it until it is the consistency off milk, not know when you have full fat milk in a glass and you roll it around the glass and it coats the glass with a thin layer, thats what yoot paint wants to be like.
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I agree with ranhalen also, if needle is not held in a forward position it wil spray very heavily