HELP!!!!! Im ready to eat a dang bullet



OK I'm relatively new to airbrushing. Bought a.paasche VL set and some Fascolor paints. Cannot to stop spraying color then.not spraying color. Bought a Iwata HP-C. Love the brush but still have the same problem. Thinning it out 1:1. Had pressure everywhere from5 to 40 no different. If I spray laquer it doesn't do it. Only with the acrylics. Gun extremely clean, water trap and filter installed, I give up please help!! What is wrong. Don't want to be limited to just laquer paint. Is createx the only acrylic that sprays good?
Jeff I would try reducing the paint even more. I use createx and reduce 5:1, 10:1 and sometimes 15:1(reducer:paint) depending on how light im trying to get it. You will also see a difference in pressures as you thin the paint. I am not familiar with fascolor but I had same prob with createx at first and my HOK uros would work fine. Tip dry is a pain in the arse.
jaybryn0509 is right. Their website recommends spraying it at 40-70 psi, which means it will probably need more reducing than Createx.
I'm not super familiar with Faskolor either, but on other forums, I've heard mixed reviews. Some say if you thin it with plain water, it tends to get clumpy in the paint cup... don't know why that would be, but maybe Fascolor has a particular thinning agent that they recommend. Always thin it out to at least the consistency of milk, and maybe a little thinner depending on the size of your needle and nozzle. With the VL, make sure you have the matching needle and nozzle, when I used mine with solvent paints a few years back, it was not finicky at all. I could have the medium nozzle in there and use either of the three needles and it would spray ok... I was only using t to put fades on guitars, so it wasn't anything fancy. Then, when I started airbrushing for real, last year, I switched to water based paints so I could spray in the house, and suddenly my VL wasn't working right... couldn't figure it out, until I pulled it apart and noticed that the needle and nozzle were different sizes... I think I had the fine nozzle and the medium needle... don't really remember, but whatever combination I had, it had sprayed the solvent paint fine, but I couldn't do a thing with the water based stuff. Also, with the VL, I found that even with paint reduced a lot, I still had to spray around 30-35 psi to keep it happy in most cases. Just a few thoughts. Hope it helps.
15 parts reducer to 1 part paint? Omg that's like spraying pure thinner.isn't it.? I mean if it works I'll try it. Just seems very thin.
15 parts reducer to 1 part paint? Omg that's like spraying pure thinner.isn't it.? I mean if it works I'll try it. Just seems very thin.

LOL I have went as high as 50 parts reducer to 1 part paint . .it all depends on the paint.
Yes I have been having problems with my my paint thinning too. I use createx and thin it with water usually like somewhere in the 2:1 - 3:1 range because if I do more the paint seems too runny. Every time I go to practice I spend most of the time trying playing with the paint viscosity and psi. Still struggling to find the perfect settings.

I was throwing a fit the last time I tried to get some work done because the brush was running terrible and would shoot nothing then a giant blob of paint would excrement out. I gave up and and decided to check my needle and sure enough it was all crusty. I always make sure I spray cleaner through after I'm done but maybe it's because I only have 1 paint siphon tube. I try to wash it out with hot water before spray the cleaner through it but maybe there is still left over paint getting mixed in some how
15 parts reducer to 1 part paint? Omg that's like spraying pure thinner.isn't it.? I mean if it works I'll try it. Just seems very thin.
you have to remember on average you are spraying paint (thicker than water) through a nozzle 1 /5 of a mm wide.....thats tiny......if paint can handle it, and wicked detail certainly can then reduce the hell out of it, the benefits are endless, minimal tip dry, easier to correct mistakes, working slow to build up layers.....I usually reduce 15:1 when using wicked.....maybe 10:1 if I was using water instead of wicked reducer.......the point is though then you can have your psi set at between 5-10.....minimal over spray!
i have to reduce the hell out of my paint. i put about 2 drops to a full cup of reducer lol and its still quite dark!
omg well maybe yhays my problem because I tried again tonight and didnt get a damn thing painted except blobs. omg i was so mad and frustrated. i would think it was doing good for a couplle of seconds and then the paint would just stop. when it finally would start again it was followed by a big blob of watery runny light black paint. as i said i havetried every pressure , strain through pantyhose twice and i have a brand new Iwata HP-c. very nice and pricey brush. ill try thinning more and post. ty