HELP! Iwata HP-BCS needle bearing????



Hi All,

I have an IWATA HP-BCS and an IWATA HP-BS, both are great brushes in their own right, but I am having issues with the BCS of late. I also have a Badger 155, and am able to easily change the needle bearing. I am certain that the issue with the BCS lies in the 'needle bearing' or piece that sits in that spot, however I have no idea how to remove/change this item, nor how to fit a new one? The only place I can see that sells this part is Coast Airbrush...

I have used a thin piece of metal rod to push the 'needle bearing' in further towards the front of the brush, this resolved the paint/air issues, but then the needle was being pinched so tightly by the bearing that it would not retract, and became very stiff. Using a lot of lubricant helped, but only for a while, then it goes back to being stuck. I then used the rod to push the bearing back the opposite way towards the back of the gun, to loosen it off a bit, and have found the sweet spot, gun works great. However, I am certain I need to replace this item.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
The packing adjusts from the back of the body with a small flathead screwdriver IT IS THREADED That is also how it is removed and reinstalled. It sounds like you damaged it(they last a long time) Coast is your best bet if you are in the states. Call them they are VERY friendly and knowledgeable But in the meantime try loosening and then gently snugging it up Good luck
Thanks so much, turns out it wasn't damaged, just needed adjusting! Thank you