Help noobie problems



Hi all. i recently bought a a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1. I used for the first time ,then disassembled it ,cleaning it thoroughly and reassembled it. I went to use it today and the paint started bubbling thru the paint cup!. I cleaned it again but now it sprays paint without pulling lever back!! Help!! hope i haven't broke it :(
and loosen your needle and pull it out slightly and push back and make sure its in right.
Hi distroi, the continuous paint spraying is usually because the needle is not creating a good seal between itself and the nozzle.
This could be because, as @littlerick said, the needle is not pushed in fully or because there may be a tiny, tiny bit of paint stuck in the nozzle not allowing a good seal to be made - even though it seems clean.

Have a look at this clip by @airbrushtutor
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I know you have a different brush but I hope this helps and you get it sorted out.
thanks i'll have a go and see if that works, Thanks for your help :)