help on airbrush



sup everyone.. i got my iwata airbrush few days ago.. and i have a lil problem on my iwata when i press on the air paint comes out with out pressing the double action can some one help me pls thanks..
Hello my friend, sounds like you have just got a bit of paint build up on the tip and needle, no biggy just give it a flush through like the tutor does in the leopard tutorial by loosening the chuck nut and carefully pulling the needle back just a bit and then blast some paint through. Failing that just give it a good clean. Remember to be careful with needle and tips!
Hope that helps
Your needle may not be pushed up all the way into the nozzle, bit dont push real hard or you may crack the nozzle, which will also let paint come out so check your nozzle too!!

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If you just got it and it is doing that straight out the box , I would say go with what Seamonkey said and push the needle in. But Now the hard part..

Which Iwata did you buy ?
What paint have you ran through it and at what reduction.
and what PSI are you running it at?
All these question will give you the over all best answer.
Also anytime you buy a new brush , either use Super Lube (by Iwata) or A thin coat of vaseline up to about an inch from the pointed end of the needle . This help lube the needle bearing .
But if you had been spraying a while I have to say it may be paint build up and needs a good cleaning.
thanls guys for ur help and i have the [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH[/FONT] thanks again ill be back to tell you what paint im useing lol i gota go eat all u can eat round table lol
@ micron i use Golden Fluid Acrylics i dont no how much water i should mix it with... and the psi is like 40 to 35 psi.. ill look for that lube thanks
I have used Golden I mix it 1 drop paint to 2 drops water and it always sprayed well. at 35 PSI.
Vaseline will work well for the lube , Very small dap on your fingers then rub you fingers together than wipe the needle..Mainly you want just a film of it on the needle.