Help on grass effect



I am doing a horse in a pasture and a having trouble getting the grass to look real. I ahd the best results with my fan brush but it still looks off .anything rou might throw my way. I would appreciate. mean time I am still expiermenting. bentoad
I use a 2 inch wide flat brush and cut the end of it jagged , A fan brush is to round for the grass effect but a flat brush works great..
I start with a mid-green and base the entire thing then come back in with the brush and a darker green to start giving it depth.
either that or for a longer lusher grass have a look at visual realms water tutorial with the dolphin.... i would imagine if you done the same in greens it would be pretty close
Thanks I was close with the fan but not close enough. It is hard to get much done with my mom here. She needs constant attention . she is blind but determined to move around. I must have gotten it honest.LOL thanks Bruce
Don't know what size the pic is you're doing, but you could always use some actual dried grass or something like that.