HELP ON PURCAHSE: Trigger (Grex TG3) Vs a standard dual action IWATA HP-CS?



I was JUST about to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on an IWATA Eclipse HP-CS airbrush.
...when Hobbytown USA had a GREX Tritium TG3 kit on demo and it really seemed to be be an easy thing to control with the trigger grip.

Anyone have insight on these trigger brushes -- mainly any negative feedback IN COMPARISON to the standard dual-action feed?

I am upgrading from an oldskool Badger that pooped out so I am Not used to trigger but seems nice.
The Grex kit WITH compressor seems a comparable price as well.

I know IWATAs are solid tools but any feedback from a Grex or trigger user out here?
Just my opinion, but I prefer the traditional trigger as it's more like holding a pencil, and when it comes to doing more detailed work I don't think the grip style would feel natural. But just my take on it, others may feel differently.
Completely agree with Squishy, go for the Iwata, you'll be 100% satisfied.
The conventional spray gun trigger airbrushes are outstanding for covering large areas. There are probably artists out there that use these brushes for detail work as well, but I am not aware of any that do. I own one of the Iwata versions (Kustom TH) and use it all the time. I have played with finer details using that brush, but for me the learning curve is not worth the time I need to invest (it's a totally different feel) when I have other brushes specifically for detail purposes.

You can't go wrong with the HP-CS. It is my "go to" brush (I use it 90% of the time)! The Kustom TH ranks number 2 in how often it gets used. I recommend both brushes (or types... I've not tried the Grex), but I'd buy the HP-CS first. Hope this helps...