Help picking a medium.



Hi, so I am completely new to airbrushing, but I wanted to give it a shot and was able to get a setup for a cheap price. I got ahold of some Createx Pure Pigments. However, I don't know which medium to mix them with. I just want to do some illustration with the airbrush, and am looking for whatever type of medium will get me the closest to the ready to go paints when I mix with these. Also, I have a side-feed airbrush, so what should i mix my medium and paint into? Thanks
Reading the info on the pure pigments, I would add into AutoAir transparent base, or the Createx illustration base to create unique colors. Just mix it in a paper or plastic cup for your side feed.

These two mediums will flow well and can be easily reduced with the high performance reducer. If you were to buy the Createx art mediums, you could reduce with water. Depends if you have them available near by or have to order it in.

I will say that the Createx illustration base will allow you to erase the paint easier than the others, and if you use the illustration reducer it will stay easy to erase linger than if using the HP reducer.