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Hi i am new and would like an airbrush to start on scale models. I rather buy once then twice or thrice so i need helping picking one judging from what i have read thus far on this forum. I see everyone likes the iwata and badger so this is what i found badger rk -1 Krome(126$), Sotar 2020 -2F Large (91$) and a Iwata-Meda eclipse hp cs dual action(140$). on price i see the sotar being best but then i don't know much and is why i am here. Would you be so kind as to help me pick or suggest other brushes. If you could please answer with as to why and because thanks :tears_of_joy:[h=1][/h]
First off Welcome.

Secondly, the brushes you list are all good brushes, with differing capabilities. The Krome will give the best chance for fine lines as set up, the sotar lg, may be a bit too large, and the iwata is great but a bit larger than the other 2, i think. Any of them can work, some will take more practice to smaller detail. Personally if i ha to choose, get the krome. I

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O i thought the sotar was smaller then then the krome. Should i look at any other airbrush? also what do you mean more practice for smaller detail? Is it being capable to do finer lines with any size needle?

Sorry i cannot post the links it wont let me the 2 are on amazon if you can take a peek at that
Hi Iomegared, I dont know too much about the sotar other than it does have a very fine needle and small cup size ,so if you doing larger areas, it might not bet suitable. The krome i believe comes with a 0.21 and 0.31mm nozzle and needle and so could give you a better range of spray perhaps. The Iwata hp-cs is also a very AB and can get very fine lines with the 0.35 needle but parts are a lot more expensive but the quality is good. My opinion the Krome or hp-cs.
I wouldnt go for the sotar as it is mainly a fine detail brush, I have one and it's a great AB but is quite finiky with paints. Although I have great success with it I wouldn't recommend it if you are not experienced. The other 2 are great, parts for the badger are quite cheap and are a little more expensive for the iwata, same with the actual AB costs, the iwata is a little more expensive than the badger but they're both good brushes.

I see now what it was with the sotar here is the full title Badger air brush co sotar 2020-2f large gravity feed airbrush with fine head. Its just that it was listed at 422$ and now is on sale for 91$ so other then the price of this and the other two i couldn't understand what made it so great. With the Krome and Iwata hp-cs i think ill pick the Krome from the information. What i plan on working with are scale models from 1/144 scale to 1/60 more 1/144 and 1/100.
Yes practice is where fine lines and control come from. Your airbrush is only part of the equation. I am only assuming the sotar listed has a larger needle/nozzle as it says LG, with the sotar that is how they are listed, sm, md, lg.

Krome . Go with a krome. It has many of the same features of the sotar and most likely the same size needle/nozzle as the sm sotar set.

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They are all great brushes, but have some different characteristics. The Krome and Sotar are actually very similar if you have the .2 needle/nozzle set up in the Krome. The spray characteristics will not be that different. The Iwata, with the larger .35 needle/nozzle size, would be more of an all-around brush. It would give you some large spray patterns which would help with coverage of bigger areas, but a .35 nozzle is still capable of some pretty decent detail.

BUT.... the nozzle size is only one part of the equation when it comes to detail work... there is a lot that goes in to it... paint reduction, air pressure, and most importantly, your own ability. Small nozzle sizes are not a magic wand for creating detail. They can help, but if your paint reduction is off, or your air pressure is off, then that small nozzle size could end up being more a nightmare than a help.
I would get the krome or velocity there prety much the sameexcept for coating and trigger but as a new guy you wont know the difference. I use to build a ton of fighterjets and boners until i joined the navy thain i quickly got tired of working on them well not tired but building the models reminded me to much of work i thinnk the velocity would suit your porpoise
I agree. ... I would say go with the krome.... it's good, it's cheap parts are cheap. ... it sprays well and comes with the fine and ultra fine setup. ... and Mentioned previously. ... it will suit your porpoise. ... or any other Marine animal for that matter hahaha
wo wo airbrushingferret can you further explain the coating and trigger thing? i may not know the difference now but i plan to later =) also i will dabble in other things later looks fun.
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the triggers have a different adjustment , and the velocity line has the dark exterior coating.

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Im going with the krome Would the length of the hose be a problem if it goes beyond a certain point?
not at all and the trigger thing is that the krome is basically a souped up velocity the parts are interchange able the trigger is suposedly smoother and easier thain the triger on thevelocity i personaly dont see a vast difference between the both the trigger in the krome supposedly has a smooth coating of some tripe on it. if you were pinching pennys to get youyr airbrush id say get the velocity but go ahead and get the krome its an awesome gun. just make sure you get a decent airbrush compressor
I have one for power tools its a Husky 30gallon 155 max psi 1.5 hp has a pic on it for small power tools or i think they call it light duty
SO i thought the length of hose would be a problem if i run it thru the wall floor ex. im currently looking for a hose and im not sure if i need an adapter for the husky
Any name brand hose should work with the krome correct? Or would i then need an adapter? I ask because i see allot of air brush name brand hoses
Any name brand hose should work with the krome correct? Or would i then need an adapter? I ask because i see allot of air brush name brand hoses

You either need a hose for a Badger or an adapter.
I personally have an Iwata Hose with a Quick Disconnect on it, then I got the Badger Quick disconnect Male adapter.

This is a Badger Hose Badger Air-Brush 10-Feet Company Braided Air Hose: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

This is the Badger Quick Disconnect Badger Air-Brush Co. 51-042 QD Coupler: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

That combo will work, if you get any new other model airbrush, you can just get the male quick disconnect that fits the new brush.

Note: You don't need the quick disconnect, but it does make your life much easier.
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Totally agree with Jeff. QD's are the way to go. I have one on all 6 of my hoses.

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