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I bought an iwata HP-C plus directly from Japan and there are some things puzzling me for one the box is no longer a hinged storage case it's just a cardbord box that says iwata In yellow letters, I've seen many people get theses same boxes from Chicago airbrush supply and coastal. I was told iwata changed the way they box them over the summer to reduce there costs. The build date on the brush is SH hence it was built in
2015 August. Aside from that the main thing I am concerned about was the lack of a test spray pattern included in the box. The art store that imported it for me was a perplexed as me. I saved a lot of money 150.00 to be exact so I am not necessarily mad, the action feels as genuine as my Eclipes and the name is engraved on the brush not etched like on a masters AB. Really the lack of the test spray is what has me worried, from my own researcher I've found others who didn't receive a test spray and all of them got a Japanese retail version. I know mine is as well because it has jap upc and priced in yen on tag. It does have a iwata hologram on the box and I've seen many listings online via markets with 250.00 HP-c plus in the same style of box as mine came in, the blue foam made me nervous cause I hadn't seen this on iwata before but I've confirmed the brushes sold in Japan have blue foam. Does anyone hav any experience in iwata products imported from Japan. I will be contacting iwata on Monday. If this is a forgery it's a very elaborate hoax and in my mind not profitable at all due to the engraving and manufacturing of a real box and so on the airbrush also included genuine iwata spanner and lube so really I don't know what to do. Maybe I shoulda just spent the extra 150.00 for Piece of mind but I like to try and get deals cause that's more models, paints and accessories I can buy saving the money. Please help! Thank you in Advance for your help!
There have been a couple of guys on here that have bought from japan via amazon/ebay, if I remember correctly i read somewhere that not every one has a test spray paper in it.
Welcome to the forum btw, you may pop along and make an introduction and let every one know about yourself and where your from [emoji4]
Sounds like the right thing. Mine didn't have a spray test sheet and the box was plastic and cardboard... Look forward to your introduction!!
What thread do I make my intro on, I love communicating in any form! To be honest I am rather new to online forums in general. I just recently joins a wargaming forum and had so much fun I decide it maybe fun to join an airbrush forum. Type best airbrush forum community and this came up. I have been a reader of the orange for about 4 weeks and finally decide to join.
On a side note...... I contacted a few trusted iwata dealers and learned that the test page is exclusive to iwata North America. I was told that they are the exclusive distributor for North and South America. When the brushes arrive they come in a white box that says remove to display. They then put them into a hinged storage case and test here in North America before sending them to the various authorized iwata dealers. So in closing none of the Japanese retail brushes will have a test spray paper as this is done in Oregon at the North American headquarters.
I will post my into once I am told where the best place is to post it.
I wouldn't sweat it. I bought 2 Eclipse's from Japan and they both work fine. As long as the thing is performing well, there is no reason to worry about it.
Ditto. I bought an HP-TH from an Amazon importer, and it came in a cardboard box instead of a hinged plastic one. I emailed pics to a service rep at Iwata-Medea USA, and they said it checked out as legit. So this just seems to be the way things are currently being packaged for the internal market in Japan.