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So I'm New to air brushing and have just been messing around I have a Paasche VL1215 double action and I have 2 Paasche H1215 single action and I have a pump from harbor freight that I can adjust the air but not that great like I can't tell what my PSI is. But the problem I'm having is I'll be praying paint and then it will stop and then start again and it will be a lot no matter how far I pull back. And I'm praying on metal or paper and it just blows my paint everywhere even when the air is turned down can someone please help thank you so much.
Hey there, get a pressure regulator with gauge and water trap - but before you do that... be polite and head over to the introductions section and do a good intro - who are you... where you live, experience, that sort of thing. Otherwise you will be identified as a stranger and all the good girls and boys here know not to talk to strangers... :) we are a friendly bunch really, it is awkward people turning up and asking questions. Check out the nettiquette page as well (on the introductions page) to help you understand us a bit better.

Look forward to seeing your intro.
make sure you tell us all the info you can, like what paint are you using, and not knowing what pressure you are using is going to make it very hard to know if your pressure is to high.
Your symptoms suggest a paint blockage in the airbrush or pulsation from a tankless compressor
I'm sorry I didn't introduce my self first but I just did. I don't want to be a stranger lol.
I'm using Createx opaque paint. I wasn't using a thinner then I used some and it still did the same thing. I judged the air presser off of my hand to where it was blowing very little and I even turned it up. But like I said it will spit I guess is what you would call it and it would also stop spraying paint and then start again.
if it just says 'createx' on the front of the bottle (doesn't say 'wicked' or 'illustration' ) then you've got the sort that is designed for textiles, which requires a large needle/nozzle on the brush (yours may/may not be .5mm I'm not familiar with the Paasche brushes) and high pressure from the compressor. I don't do textiles but from memory its around the 50PSI range. reducing it will also be required.

Make sure you mix the paint EXTREMELY well, they (createx) seem to settle quickly. Although some people reduce the paint with water, I'd recommend the createx reducer, and if you're going to stick with createx get some 'restorer' too. The restorer is reusebale so I spray off into a cleaning pot then pour it into a sealed container for next time. I swear by it.

if you're looking at doing art work then maybe reduce your learning curve for now and go with Etac (reducable with water and cleans with water too)
I haven't tried any of the other brands of water based paint so i'll leave others to comment.
Thank you for the info I can get Wicked paint locally so I will try that. what is a good PSI to be around?
there is no fixed psi , every brush is different , you will have to find the right psi for the airbrush you use , start with 30 PSI turn up or down depending on how the paint flows
The old Paasche VL while one hell of a work horse it has it's moments . But as other have said air pressure , paint reduction depend on what paint your using , What size needle nozzle set up you have in there and where you live as far as temps and humidity also effect paint.

Createx (Standard) is designed for textiles
Wicked designed for pretty much anything
Createx Illustration about the same as wick but is ground finer on the pigments
AutoAir also by createx is for automotive
the New CandyO2 is the first true dye water based candy on the market .
But mainly picking 1 out of the many and learning it and how to reduce it is the key . Sounds like you want to paint on anything that will hold still long enough to get paint on . Then I suggest start with Wicked and learn it. Each color may take a different reduction. The more reducer you add the lower the air pressure will be ,the larger needle nozzle you have the less reduction you will need .

You are always learning when airbrushing just ask any Pro....
Yep Wicked is great I you want to spray on many kinds of surface, but you will need the W500 reducer as it doesn't reduce well with water. The W500 also has many other useful properties that makes it well worth having too. Buy a bigger bottle as you will use more of this than paint, and you can also use as a cleaner, so no extra product needed. It also works out cheaper buying the larger size.

As mentioned no magic formula, just be methodical as you work it out. More reduction = less pressure. So add drop by drop and adjust as you go. Paint should look satin smooth with no speckling, and lines consistant with no skipping.

It is likely as you were using createx without reducer that you have a blocked or dirty nozzle. Most newbies issues are related to this. So before you try another paint, make sure it is spotless. Even a speck can stop the needle seating properly affecting spray. Even when you cleaned it, and it looks shiny and new, that is when you clean it again. You might be surprised at what hides in that tiny space
Strain it as you pour in cup. My wicked had been on shelf so long it would stick to needle and also get big pigments in cup and caused me thise same issues. I moved to comart i like them alot no dilution.

As said above break it down and soak the parts you can. I had chuncks in my nizzle that didnt clear out till i used restorer.

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