( HELP) Removing clip on visor studs on motorcycle helmet.



Hi, was wondering if anyone has had any experience in removing those annoying clip on visor studs on open face motorcycle helmets. You can not paint them as you risk the paint coming off and your job looking like excrement.

Also they are a mongrel to tape up and a dead set easy place for paint to start lifting. A friend told me that he used to drill them out and bog the hole . I have not tried it, but was wondering if anyone out there had. Help.
I did a Roof helmet a long time ago and I put thin grommets around the studs as a mask. I had to accept the there was going to be a small ring of unpainted helmet showing (about 2 mm) but it didn't actually look out for place because the unpainted ring was neat. After the clear I took the grommet off and touched up the clear to the stud with an artists brush.
I guess I could have removed the grommets to paint the areas under the grommets with a brush but I didn't bother.
The customer liked it so that was fine :)
Bugger it. This time i am not going to bother masking them. Just going to let paint go on them. Then when helmet is finished i am going to VERY carefully clean them up. Or ???????????????? Or maybe i could ???????????????? And then again?????????????????? Perhaps if i???????????????????? Ahh excrement ! Stuff it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only way I have ever done it is like this Use a small punch to knock the shank out before drilling the pop rivet. Removing the shank first makes drilling the pop rivet out easy. The shank, if left in the pop rivet, will tend to deflect the drill bit making the hole larger and the job harder