Help with airbrush purchase



Hello, Im a newbie to an airbrush and im wanting to purchase one in order to paint some rifle stocks , I will not be doing any fine artist work just laying down a solid color or maybe even some camo colors, what type of airbrush can you recomend that is user friendly and is sold in a kit that will get me started,, i already have a air source,, thanks
Hi, Welcome to the forum.
You might try painting after you try an airbrush later :)
As for a new airbrush, you must decide if you want a bottom feed/siphon feed or a gravity feed/top feed airbrush, then how fine the details you want to paint on the stock, this will help you decide which nozzle size perhaps you want to go with.
What paint will you be using? If on woodstock, a good preparation of the surface is necessary and you will learn all this here. Do not hesitate to ask any question.

Ah, and for the airbrush, i would have bought a Neo for entry level airbrush, very capable of great details once mastered and of course with the 5 years warranty put on the balance with its price tag, there is not better entry airbrush...IMHO
but others may chimes in and direct you to a better, cheaper product.

Good luck in your quest and don't forget to have's only paint

If solid color spraying is all you plan to do, I'd recommend a quality automotive touch up gun rather than an airbrush.
Well the paint im looking at is called duracoat, and they recommend a airbrush, and it will be a plastic stock, and i do plan on doing some practice before aiming at the stock,, my brother inlaw does taxidermy and recommened a paasche h series, are these brushes worth the time and money?
Duracoat requires a .5 set up . It will also have to have a teflon needle bearing. and you will have to make sure you buy plenty of their reducer for cleaning your airbrush.
You can use a .35 set up with it. But make sure you have all the safety equipment ie..Spray Mask , Well vented area.

But this is what duracoat says about what to use..
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]DuraCoat can be applied by airbrush, conventional spray gun, or HVLP spray gun.
So if you are doing just solid colors a mini touch up guy would be a better fit. smoother coverage
[/FONT] Reason they state airbrush is for those who do the artwork on weapons to know it will work in them as well.
Your brother-in-law is right. The Paasche H is a good quality airbrush and would do fine for a rifle stock. Check out my review.

thanks alot everyone,, i prob will check out a touch up gun and may still get a paasche just to mess around with,, when i get my stock painted i may post a pic so yall can check it out,haha,,thanks again
actually we are working with several gun painters who are spraying Duracoat, including Joel Cangelosi (probably spelling wrong - sorry) of Sons of Guns. For simple but fine coverage they find an internal mix single action preferable to the external mix. The Badger model 200 and the Iwata SAR both fit the bill. The external mix airbrushes (Paasche H/Badger 350), although providing good coverage, do not atomize as finely as the internal mix airbrushes. Most gun restorers and artist prefer the more precise finish of the internal mix airbrush - and with the standard nozzles of the 200 and SAR Duracoat sprays nicely.