Help with fathers airbrush


Jason Nutty

Good evening all.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this post. Hopefully you can help me out. I am a noob to airbrushing but have an issue. I inherited a dual action siphon feed airbrush from my father. I have always wanted to learn how to airbrush, and I figured why not use the one I received from my father.

Here is my issue: This is a really nice little air brush, but the needle is bent and the nozzle is a little out of sorts. I say this cause the needle tip itself was bent in a "U" shape, not good, and the nozzle opening looks oval shaped, instead of round. I want to get replacement parts but the manual that came with it gives manufacture part numbers, but the manufacture does not exist any longer as far as I can tell. This is a pre-internet early 80's airbrush. The Badger Model 175 “Crescendo” “” reminds me very much of this airbrush. I have attempted to research this airbrush to no avail. What I am trying to find is if the thread of the nozzle is the same as some newer brands like Badger or Iwata, with threaded nozzles. I have picked up an Iwata Revolution CR in the mean time. I would still like to get my fathers airbrush back up and running.

Details about the brush: Columbia International Automotive Deluxe Airbrush Kit 304.



Being a machinist by trade, I understand how very important it is not to cross thread the threads in the airbrush or the nozzle it self. The paperwork that came with the airbrush of course gives no real information other than manufacture part numbers.

Any help would be great.

Thank you in advance
By the looks of it , This might be what you looking for
It has the same set screw on the trigger

It also helps us suggest places to buy thing is we at least know what country you live in.
Or even look here

Being such an old gun and you can clearly see the Badger hose thread, I would go with Badger parts. That Harbor Freight is a half-arsed Badger knock-off.
Hi Jason, I haven't checked but i'm guessing this is your first post, Please say a few words about yourself in the introductions section, artistic background, preferred substrates, what paint you use, etc... when you get a chance of course, we all like to find out some info about new members. Plus it helps us answer your questions. Pictures certainly help when trying to identify stuff as we have a lot of GREAT members here who will probably have an answer and they are nice clear pics that you have linked to.
If you haven't done it already, when removing the needle try clipping the bent tip off first. It should easily pull through the nozzle once done. I know the nozzle is damaged but it just makes it easier.

Thanks all. Sorry. I live in Indiana, USA.

Thanks for all the supplies.

Mr. Micron: your right about Harbor Freight. I have looked at those both on line and in the stores and it does seem very very similar, but of course they don't carry the spare parts.

AndreZA: I will take your word on the Badger thread. I have looked into the Badger parts earlier. The 150 does seem to fit this gun, outside the set screw in front of the trigger.

I really feel this may have been a harbor freight purchase by my father in the early 80's. I have looked at the Badger parts at Coast Airbrush. I think I will throw the money at it and get the large needle, large nozzle, and large regulator. For $15 it would be work it to get it running again.

Thanks for the advise. When I get the parts I will let you know if they worked.



And just to give Jord001 a little back ground I am posting in the intro area.
That set screw in front of the trigger was stopped by Badger a few years ago. It does nothing for painting and was there to push back the trigger and thus pulling back the needle so that it does not get damaged or damage the nozzle during transport.
I was wondering what that was for. Thanks for the info. I ordered the large Head assembly and needle. Hope to have it in a week or so. When I get it I will strip the brush down and fully clean and lab it. I'll let you know the results.
Okay Jason where at in Indiana?
Come on now ya can tell me after all you are a Hoosier :D
I live outside of Bloomington in a small town called Unionville .
Sorry part of my job and daily life is Info Sec. So dont usually reveal much.
Well #AndreaZA and #Mr.Micron. The head assembly for the Badger 100,150 and 200, does not fit this old airbrush.