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Hi everyone, i am about to start a portrait of my daughter but she wears glasses and i am not sure how to do them.
Do i mask off the glasses first then paint her face or ??
Problem i will have is that i am not steady enough to freehand the glasses neatly so the only way i can think of to keep them neat and straight is to mask, how would you tackle this..
Have you masked before? If not that will be tricky to start with. Just remember that the glasses are just another shape and largely made up of highlights rather than solid shapes. Erasing/scratching is another method for getting that level of detail... Here is an early one I did when I was learning eyes and portraits...


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Keep in mind not all sufrfaces are suited for masking, so if you are not sure test that first.

The way I'd probably do it (so just one of many :)).
- Mask the rim of the glasses
- If there are any pure white highlights on the glasses itself mask them
- Do the portrait (so including the eyes which arn't masked (keep an eye on the greyscales though. they weill most probably be different in the area's coverd by the glass
- Remove the mask
- Mask the painted area (like I said test before if the mask doesn't lift paint)
- Do the rim of the glases