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Hi peeps. someone has asked me to paint a ironman picture, not this one in particular,they haven't sent me the ref yet, but i had a try once b4 at this pic and i couldn't get the red and gold the right colors! what would you suggest ? i was thinking a cherry red for the suit and other reds but the gold isnt really gold its like a browny yellow color :S helllppp lol im useless with colors so sorry for the stupid questions! im also buyin all the colors for doing color portraits so expect alot more silly questions to come lol

thanks for all the help :)

You can use a photo editor to cheat a little.
Here is a screenshot using Pixelmator(Mac Only)
I used the dropper tool to pick a color on the image and the color wheel shows you that the base color is in the orange part of the spectrum. That shade of brown can be made with the base color and small amounts of a light to mid blue(its opposite on the wheel)

Almost every color on the mask is a combo of yellow/purple or orange blue.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.23.24 AM.png

Hope that helps a little.