Help with iwata eclipse hp-cs, not spraying




Just got an iwata deluxe airbrush set for xmas. Came with an iwata eclipse hp-cs airbrush and compressor. The compressor works fine and i get more than 25 psi but i had the airflow controlled to around 18-20 psi. I tried to see if i can spray water out of my airbrush before i loaded paint into thinking that the water is thin enough to go through but nothing it happening and i dont know what is wrong with it.

Any advice that might solve this problem?

Are you pushing down for air and pulling the trigger back for paint/water?
Is your needle chuck tight? Make sure you first are pulling back on the trigger like Micron said and if you are make sure your needle is moving back when you pull back as well. If not then check to see if your needle chuck is loose.