Help with rendure the chrome look on wheels etc.



Hey gang I've been trying to figure out how to produce the chrome look for the wheels, fuel tanks, and the exhaust stacks on the semi trucks. I've been doing a lot of reading online but when I try doing it the way these other artist said to do but my looks like crap. I know that it supposed to be done with the black and white colors. So do anyone know of a how to video on this subject? As always thanks in advance.
Remember, chrome reflects everything that is around it but in the same shape as the chrome object itself is. If it's a round object like a headlamp the image that is reflected will be distorted. Same with stacks, the surrounding scenery is reflected but is distorted along the length of the stack itself.
A good way to "fake" it though is decide where you have a "horizon line" and that will be where your darkest dark and lightest light meet. then they fade up lighter or down darker as it goes around the object. I wouldn't use black and white alone either. I would use a dark color to represent the ground and white to blue to represent the reflection of the sky.
Here's a video using colored pencils but the theory is still the same.
How to draw metallic chrome text letters.. easy as!!!! - YouTube
Thank you BG now maybe I can this this done since I've been trying to get this just right for about three weeks. But thank you once again
Main thing is have a good reference of the rims you want to paint. The better reference the better it will turn out.
Also do not go too blue on the sky parts it will make it look to unreal
Remember where you light is coming from so when you hit the hot spots it will make it pop more.
Brunt orange works great for the ground reflection or a brunt green . depending on where you are paint it grassy field , desert .
Kiwi Terry has a great video on chrome..Chrome FX - Rendering Chrome w/ Kiwi Terry
I highly recommend this for those who wish to learn to paint chrome..You can check out more of his work here Kiwi Terry, airbrush artsist, Odds & Ends