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Hello. I just purchased an air brush kit with everything I need to get started airbrushing, including a TC 20T compressor. When I screw the water trap on to the side until it is tight, the water trap is completely upside down. I tried forcing it further but there is no chance. Unscrewing it to at least make it have gravity makes the thing wobbly and loose. I tried googling the compressor first and couldn't really find any info on this problem other than it's OK as long as the trap is pointing downwards. Mine is 100% pointing straight up...

If anyone here is familiar with the product I could use some help. Am I doing something wrong or did I receiver a faulty compressor and/or water trap ? I was so happy to finally have the equipment that I need to start learning and this excrement has really taken the wind out of my sails.
Wrap some PTFE tape around it to make it fatter. If that does not work then blue Loc-tite but then you can not use it for about 24hrs until Loc-tite has cured. The blue one is removable.
Yea right after I made the thread it made me think of that. Went and added like 6 or 7 more layers of the tape and it still screwed on to that exact spot so I don't think it's going to work.

That's pretty excrementty of Airbrush-depot to not even know how many threads to put on their product. I haven't even shot 1 drop of paint yet and I'm already seeing why people say airbrush is tough
used the ptfe tap or use the loc-tite on the threads cause that what they had on my compressor when I bought it off of ebay's tcp global store.
Plumber's tape AKA teflon tape.
with either the thread sealant or plumber's tape you can't really go wrong. Just have patience, if you don't get it the first go, wrap another 2 times and go for it again. It won't finish in the same place everytime + you shouldn't really be screwing to the end of the thread - it should seal before that. Best of luck buddy.. this is just the beginning:calm:

hmmm I'll try to add more tape. But I can hear air coming out there unless I screw it tightly but maybe a large amount of tape will do the trick. It did come with a roll so at least they did that
Nice it worked. You were right once I added like 20 layers of tape the trap is nice and snug without having to screw it in all the way. I'm going to make a thread in the newbie section about the ups and downs of my first day with my air brush
thats like 1 snowflake in a blizzard compared to the stuf iv been through allot was equipment related and some was my self related i have 1 bit of advise for any body getting into airbrushing be patient and dont buy cheep equipment the compressors one of the most important pieces of equipment if youkeep adding tape and yorstopping at the same point the female end can possibly be cracked it should not take layers and layers of tape and with the teflon tape it should not take to much torque to tighten be patient and goodluck
go to a hardware store and get a nipple or a female on one side and male on the other kind of like an extension use this along with the teflon tape to be able to get your moisture trap where you need it this fitting should have more threads so it should make things easier for you.
well it on there good now and no more air is coming from the fitting anymore. But however....

But I have new problem is that I stupidly put it on top of my dresser and it vibrated off. The handle broke off and now there is a small gap in between the compressor and the metal plate that's screwed onto the end. I can feel a small leak coming from there while it's running. I'd duct tape it but I don't think it's a good idea being that it get's pretty hot. I might try to lightly tap it with a hammer to bend it back unless someone tells me no to here.

The other problem with it now is that It never stops running. I'm guess this is due the leak. But I'm a little concerned that if I let it run for too long without using the air that it could explode or something. Is this a serious concern ? The PSI meter would start to climb up if the thing was getting too full right ?
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You do get some kind of metal putty/glue that you can plug the whole with.

For the fact that it is running all the time, I know, I had one and got rid of it after a month. If you want to run over 20 psi it will never stop running and this will make it hot and eventually it will overheat and shut down completely and you have to wait for about 30 minutes for it to cool down. Others have had luck with theirs, I have not. Lucky I bought it at a sale and could sell it for close to what I paid for it. I got me a different one but it cost double the price. You get what you pay for and the people selling the stuff will never turn you away from a sale.
this pipe has sprung a couple of small air leaks, does anyone know where I can get spare parts, I live in the Uk. The model number is CP102.
If its the same size on both ends take the fitting off the filter and turn it over screw the end that was to the filter to the tank and the side that was in the tank into the filter
Thx Ad fez, will give them a call in the week, they look like they stock just about everything :))