So I tried my first airbrush today and there is no air coming out of the AB, I checked the compressor, no leakage and the meter was ok. I am kinda stub on the problem. Do I need a special adapter or something for me hose or AB?
Try unscrewing the hose from the airbrush and see if you have air there?
If no air you might not have the regulator turned up enuogh
If you have air but don't get it thru the brush check the airvalve to see if its working(easy to do just press straight down on the trigger ) you should feel the spring when you push down and let up.
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Yip, do one item at a time. Is air coming out of the compressor. Yes. Attach hose. Is there coming out there. Yes. Attach airbrush. Is air coming out. No. Problem with airbrush. Easy test. Put your mouth over air inlet and blow while you press down the lever. No. Then you have an airvalve problem. There is a sticky article in the tips section.
I forget to pull the thingy on the water trap to let the air flow - - Thx for helping

I've never heard of that. The one on my compressor bleeds a bit of air until there is enough pressure to keep it close. That is about 3 seconds. When pressure in the tank is very low it will spring open and let the rest out.