Hey Ya'll, how do I tell the differences in paint..opaque..etc.etc.
what paint are you using mate, I mean what brand.....normally it wil have trans, semi opaque or opaque written on bottle
wicked paints..lots of createx paints as well. Just trying to get the differences in the opaque..candies..stuff like do i know what to use and when.???
candies are generally solvent based and you defo need a mask, water based like wicked and createx, com art, spectra, you should still wear a mask but they are not nearly as harmful.....some paint solely trans, some paint solely opaques, they both do the same thing, add colour to a blank piece of paper, but they do it in different ways.....opaques block out what is below it, where as trans sure the colour below therefore creating another colour, therefore trans you can change colour on your substrate and opaques you have to change colour by mixing on the cup.......paint is a huge subject, so I recommend having a play with what you have, maybe paint a couple of colour wheels and then get back to us with any questions you may have from your findings.....all the best for now and I hope this is of some help
oh but short answer is, use what you want when you want, there is no rules brother.....we are the masters of our own art
There is no true Candy paint made in waterbase form.. AutoAir (Made by Createx) does offer a line that they call candy but if you layer too much it turns muddy quick.
Wicked make two type regular wicked and detail wicked. They make a transparent base that you can mix either into and make a transparent paint color.
The detail tends to be more transparent when doing this.
Both the above are color fast paints meaning the sun does not fade them.
Createx is a textile paint by design, not color fast so if you use it on hard surfaces it will fade even with a good UV clear on it.

Now the real question is what is your goal in the airbrush world? T-shirts , canvas , cars and bike,
That will help us give you better advice on what paints you should be looking at.
As for practice Createx is heavier and thicker than Wicked or AutoAir.. So you may find yourself having to reduce the createx more depending on what airbrush you are using.
As a new artist to the AB, I chose Wicked because its waterbased, I can use it in my house and it can be used on all surfaces. I figured I would learn the AB with this paint because waterbased paints are more difficult to spray (tip dry) and then when I'm ready, I will be able to spray HOK paint with a smaller learning curve. Also, as a new artist with the AB, I use the detail colors most because its best to start a project with very light layers of colors, building values and color slowly, rather than laying down opaque colors right away. Just my thinking..
my goals are pictures on metal, etc..nothing like tshirts or fabric. I appreciate all your help. I have been getting all kinds of dvd's and online stuff to watch to try to get better.
both wicked and spectra are great water based paints for micron said, colour fast and very bright vibrant colours....relatively ready to use also