Hi there, need some help with a problem with my airbrush.
It starts spraying well, i do several strokes well done,,,but in any momente when i just press air, also paint comes out.
I have cleaned the airbrush and change needle and tip....may this be caused by o-rings? airbrush is a old iwata micron,,,, and i never have change o-rings.....any ideas?
Several years airbrushing, but this situation is breaking my head....dont know where to find a solution.

Thanks for your help
Sounds like a clog , Tip dry.
What paint are you using?
What reduction and what tip size does your micron have.

Most time when you are spraying and it is working fine, Than goes shooting paint when air is on means you have tip dry and it is keeping the needle from seating properly . Just pull back the needle and let it go a couple of times and you should see the spraying paint with just air on will stop.
Yep what Mr. M said. I have been getting this a lot lately. I have been spraying at low pressures with Createx Illustration paint, fairly over reduced, but with all the stops I take to step back and stay on track, it's been a bit annoying. Pull bak the needle and let go 1-2x, spray to the side, pull needle back all the way and press for air to spray, whatever, just clear that clog, and you should be good to go.
if u are impatient at the cleaning get yourself an ultrasonic cleaner, i got an ebay cheapo at 20$, i just trow my airbrush in (nozzle and needle out) and turn it on and take it out and reasemble.
Its easier :).
you may also think in spraying water at a higher pressure to clean the tip,because is like mr m says, clog by dried tip