Here I am



Live in Massachusetts, using a Iwata HPC. Just started airbrushing in the last six months. Have always been interested in the custom paint world. Have painted a couple cars just plain jane, but I have a jeep that I will be doing soup to nutz and would like to make it sing. I know very little and look forward to getting as much as I can with this forum. I plan on attending the airbrush getaway in orlando this may. Working on my drills as I speak/type. Thanks for the videos!!! packed with useful information and a lot of laughs, great editing.
what is the sirbrush getaway in orlando?????.....Oh by the way welcome to the forum!;)
Welcome and can't wait to see the jeep!! You should paint it like it is covered in mud and take it to the car wash! Lol i always wanted to do that!!!

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