heres an idea for any one who owns a similar model compressor


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air compressor re mod.JPGi always felt the way the compressor vibrates kind of gets magnified because its sitting on top of the air tank plus i want to cover the compressor with a sound dampening lined box wit a wee fan in it to quiet it i did try putting the sheet metal cover on it and covering with a blanket but the cover made it more noisey to make a long story short i re tapped the holes with a 1/8 npt pipe tap and shoved two barbs with a ruber braided hose now the compressor is seperate depending on how far away i want the compressor is upon how much hose i want to buy. but to be honest the damn thing is a ton quieter i can bare ly hear it and i can keep the compressor close to the fan in the window and the tank with theregulator sits right close to my front legs so i can control [psi . its the bad ger 910aspire compressor i belive
wow no replies well im wondering why its 95% humdidity oot side and im not getting water in my moisture trap and just now ftarted hearing a wierd percolating sound coming from my compressor ....after i conected the hose i realised it would make a keen water trap so i coiled it up and the wierd noise was water percolating in the hose since water will settle and condense back to liquid form it wont ever make it tothe tank thats why iv bean painting all day and havent had to drain the pistol grip water trap
Good idea Ferret, I am looking at a similar setup with my silent compressor as it only has a 1L tank attached. I'm looking at using an old gas type bottle hopefully bigger than 5L which will need to be attached via a hose and will probably be seperate to the compressor.

Be sure to drain that water. You don't want it to get into the compressor.