Hey all.



Hi everyone,

So I was looking for a creative outlet after guitar failed to keep me interested. I have always enjoyed rc cars and painting the body's, I always used rattle cans. While cleaning my garage I came across my wife's airbrushes and thought I would like to try airbrush the bodies, the ability for more detail would be awesome. I started watching YT and stumbled across the airbrush tutor. Now here I am.

This forum seemed like a good place to start and I downloaded the training PDFs so I'm gonna start drawing some daggers and dots.

Hey Stu, sorry to hear you gave up on the axe, but glad you're taking up ABing. Be warned it'll take just as much practise as guitar Lol! Good luck with the excersises, and don't be afraid to shout out any questions, lots of good eggs here, ready and willing to help.
yer good luck stuart and welcome.....plenty of people on here do rc bodys so you are in good company