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hello i am new to airbrush my name is Alf from Sweden 56 years old and i am also new and i did exactly the same mistake as new to airbrush did bought a kit and it sucks but i can say the airbrush is not good but the compressor is OK for now her is 186 Complete airbrush kit+compressor with tank after i bought it i found airbrush tutor and i must say i love his movies good and show well what i you can do and after i see them i look on a bunch of movies from all kind of good artists i have drawing some in my life but not much but i think it will help me a little, but what i mean is the profs of airbrush are using badger Iwata and some of them also recommend these airbrushes and my choice have fallen forBadger airbrush renegade velocity gravity feed type or Iwata HP-C Plus i hope its a good decision any how i love to airbrush its fun and i have intention to paint my fender guitar and little on my car so i have a long walk to go :05.18-flustered:
Welcome to the forum From the US Alf.

Either Badger velocity or Iwata HP-C will be just fine. Both are made well. The velocity just has a bit smaller needle and nozzle which can take a bit getting used to. A slightly larger needle nozzle set up will make paint reductions easier to figure out at first. But if you are willing to get through a few questions and a bit of fiddling you can easily get used to a smaller set up.

If you go with either of your choices, maybe try an over reduced paint at first, like 2-3 parts reducer to 1 part paint. You can easily reduce more for transparency but this should get you going.

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thanks wmlepadge for the advise i what i want is be able to make hair thine lines and if i must fiddle with a smaller needle its OK but maybe then i start with iwata and later badger i only want to have a good airbrush as it is now have i three of them two with double action and one single and i only one i use the other tow i haven't try and i don't think i ever will, but we learn of our mistakes :monkey:
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
Willkommen Alf! Badger ist eine gute wahl.
Iwata is good too, but what do I know I paint with Veda :) lol!
............. but we learn of our mistakes :monkey:
Hey Alf welcome from the uk. You'll do well with airbrushing with that attitude, a lot of the time it's down to trying something out, and then learning what not to do Lol! Lots of advice from some awesome artists here, so just ask if you get stuck!
thanks Squishy i feel i am in good company here and will learn alot
danke schön Sitni ich habe nicht seen that name Veda so i will look after it