Hey everybody



Hey everybody,

New to airbrushing, I built models and thought it'd be nice to stop having brush marks haha so I did some youtubing and bumped into the airbrushtutor and was like "Daaammmnnnnn" he makes it look so easy hahaha

Anyways glad to be here and the tutorials are fantastic haha humor mixed with some basic skill building that I hope to work on to do some painting (problem is I have the creativity of Picasso's little finger nail) lol

But anyways hello!!

A little about me, I love the outdoors, I play a lot of roller hockey at a very competitive level and have won a couple national championships, I paintball for fun, fish, build models, play lots of PS3 and just tinker with anything I can get my hands on haha. I'm currently in school to be an Electrical Engineer and will graduate next spring (hopefully hahaha)