Hey everyone



New member here, just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi.
Name is Anthony, I've been drawing and painting all my life (29) just started airbrushing, well I started last year and got sidetracked with a bunch of stuff, but the last few weeks I've really been able to do a bunch and learn some stuff.
I have a master h23 and e90, neo for iwata- my favorite right now, and an older paasche vl which is actually new- my old supervisor in the navy gave it to me, he only used it once and figured out he was worse at AB than he thought.
Anyway great forum, lots of info and you guys seem to be a friendly mature crowd. Look forward to sharing my art with you all, starting with the skull competition. I probably won't win but I figured what the heck I could definitely use a new high quality AB so I'll give it a shot.
Hi there and welcome to the forum. To enter the contest you have to get 9 more posts, so just look around at some of the artwork here and leave some comments.
Also the contest ends next weekend, so better get ready and spray some color lol :)
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. Good luck in the competition!
Thank guys, I'll have more than enough posts by that time. I'm always on tapatalk on my phone and browsing forums.
I've already started my piece for the contest, actually all I have left is the background now. I'll probably do 2 and decide between them which one I like more. I meant to join a couple of days ago but i was painting all day for 2 days straight lol.
Just trying to learn my way around a airbrush.
Welcome my friend, always a pleasure to have new artist join, you will find everything you need to know here and plenty of jolly peeps willing to help. Glad to here you are entering the comp, show us your work, share your knowledge and spread the love:)
Hi from the Uk Anthony! You got this forum half right - friendly, definately - mature???? maybe not so much Lol! Anyway you've made a great choice, good luck with the skull comp!
hello welcome, lots of great people on here, you have come to the rite place, good to have ya
Hey all thanks for the welcome.

Would be nice to win a new AB, but this will only be the third thing I've painted. I'll give it a shot though because you never know, at least I'll have learned something in the process and had fun doing it.