Hey everyone



Hey Everyone, new member from NC.

To start I am floored by some of the artist here, you people are GOOD.

I'm not an artist although I do draw a bit but not well.

I picked up an airbrush compressor (came with a trigger gun and 2 single action guns) to run my air graver without using my craftsman and going deaf

Since I had the brushes I started looking up info on airbrushing and ran across the Airbrush Tutor's videos and got enthralled with the beautiful art he creates.

So a trip to the craft store for some paint and I'm practicing.

I like the trigger gun, a Master G77 dual action but noticed most people used a standard type gun so after reading some reviews and looking around I bought a Harbor freight, yes a Harbor freight airbrush for a whole 15$ and change, on sale and 20% coupon, I'm impressed with it and I'd be interested to know if any of you artists have tried one and what you think of it.

I also built a 5$ easel but can't post pics yet so that will have to wait a while.

I've got a long way to go so don't expect to see anything from me for a year or two but maybe one day.

I've learned a lot by reading here and I appreciate all the info, tips, and examples from you all.

Thanks, Jim
Welcome to the forum Jim.

Any airbrush will get you started. You may find that the harbor freight and master ones tend to be a bit finicky. They are knockoff designs of Iwata and Badger airbrushes. I started with an unbranded airbrush from Amazon. Within a month I was frustrated. Also started with opaque paint. Both were no great ideas. Being new learning the relationship between proper air pressure and paint reduction is key. It takes time. Opaque paints have mad tip dry. What paint did you get? Anyone starting out should get airbrush paint. Craft paints can also be totally frustrating. Not that it can't be done.

Any questions you have post them up someone will help you out .
Welcome home Jim nice to add you to the family , You have found the best place to learn , hangout and have fun.
Ill continue in flycatchr way ... Welcome from snowy and too much cold Canada! :p

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Welcome to the forum!! If cheap is all you can start out with? Then cheap on my friend!! Be sure and still post your practice paintings!! Dots, and lines, dagers, barbells, share your progress with us ♥
Thanks for the warm welcome, I picked up some craft smart water based acrylic paint.

I've had some "fun" thinning the paint and trying to get a good consistency but I think I have it close enough.

I don't seem to have any trouble with lines or dots even blending doesn't look bad but dagger strokes are giving me a curb kick.

I've watched the dagger stroke tutorial several times but I'm still struggling and the Airbrush Tutor makes it look so simple.

Just got to keep trying till it clicks.

Thanks, Jim
Where 'bouts in this great state of ours? I am in the triangle area.

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Thanks again, glad to be here.

Mrsuthern I'm an hour or two away from you, between WS and Mocksville.

A couple more posts and I'll put up my 5$ easel build.

Hope you got spared the 85 mph straight line wind we had today...... man that was tough. Managed to get the shop doors down in time. SOmething told me that it was getting weird and when I looked out from under the hood of the car I was working on... solid grey cloud atleast 3 miles wide coming at us in a hurry..... we got the last door down just in time to watch the trash can go skipping by.
Hi Jim, welcome from the uk. You'll be surprised at what you'll be able to achieve in your first few months of airbrushing. It may take a couple of years to feel you've really mastered it, (or maybe that's just me, I'm still waiting Lol), but I think you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to do. So get stuck in to the Airbrush Tutors videos, do the exercises (and keep doing them until you want to scream lol) and then most people try 'the eye' project, and be prepared to be amazed. Airbrushing is a continual learning process I think at what ever level, and with all the help and advice you'll get around here, it won't belong until you are creating your own master pieces.