Hey from Nashville , Tn



Hey from Nashville ,Tn! So introductions, been Airbrushing for about 5 months because I needed a stress buffer from a previous job that's was stressing me out! And well stress is gone but I am addicted to airbrushing!
I get up at 3am just to practice before work...looking forward to speaking to others around this site!
Howdy and welcome to the chaos we call the forum, Great place to hang out at and learn and even teach.. Look forward to seeing your practice stuff.
Hi from the uk! You get up at 3am, and I haven't gone to bed yet by then, but when the airbrushing bug gets ya, it doesn't care what time it is Lol! Welcome to the site.
Hey a welcome from Florida. You came to the right place if your looking to learn with a few great laughs along the way. I hope you enjoy!
Yes it's "THE SITE" and spread the word. Check it out and enjoy all the advice and the great artists, including you. The best part is your just getting started and trust me, your skills will get better. We all love a new artist that finds his/her groove. Post your work and just watch how it improves. No limits and no restrictions. Advice is free and friendly. Have a great time. Good to have you here.
Welcome from Chattanooga!! You are now home!! Lots to learn and a ton of great people here to help with that!!

wow! I've joined otber forums before and at least the moderator says hi but anyone after that is rare! looks like thus is going to be fun!
G'day from South Australia,

This forum is full of cool and very informative airbrush stuff!

Enjoy!! :)
Welcome from down under. There is heaps to learn here. I learnt more here in two weeks than I did in 6 months prior.
Airbrushing is a remedy for stress ! ! !??? i'm obviously doing something wrong then....... :)
....lol....yes it is depending where and when u brush....man 3am,kids n wife asleep, music in the back ground, knowing no one will be awake in at least 3 more hours....plus I don't live too far from a paint supply store (hobby lobby)...so unlimited paint....and thanks everyone for the welcomes!