Hey from Saginaw MI...new to airbrushing



Hey there everyone, my name is Raeann and I'm new to this forum and airbrushing. I ususally paint my tshirts with brushes, stencils and freehand, but I've been thinking about using my airbrush. I just got a beginner airbrush setup but have use Cretex paints for doing my shirts. I'll post some of my painted tshirts and shoes and hats, but I think using the airbrush will make things faster for me. The only thing I'm nervous about is getting techniques right, and someone once told me, it's only paint!! :) Glad to be here, and I hope to learn a lot from everyone!
Welcome to the forum Raeaan, Don't worry about the techniques, just practice each in turn and check the tutor's videos, it'll come soon enough, and feel free to ask all the questions you want, you'll everything you need here.

We have many great artists here, beginners and pro's alike, so you will never be short of an answer.
Welcome Reaena!! You will do just fine!! Enjoy the forum and if you have a question, just ask!

Welcome aboard Raeann :) , don´t worry getting the technique´s down, we all had to start and managed to learn them, more or less lol :)
hey raeann welcome aboard buddy, think you will enjoy painting shirts with an airbrush, get a great clean look!, as mentioned before have a go at the practice sheets including the textures dots and lines sheets, then move on to the hair or leopard tasks for your first art work, from there on it's up to you.......most important thing is enjoy yourself, it takes a long time to get that control needed so try not to get frustrated, just practice analyse practice etc. etc. .....stencil work looks great on shirts also.just convert your image to black and white (our grey scale if printer allows, and cut out your dark bits (or lightest if within on black) and away you go....enjoy yourself!