Hey from sunny Florida



I just found the Airbrush Tutor yesterday and have watched all his video's. Good tutorials and he's a funny guy. I use an Infinity and an Evolution from Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush because my wife and I are the distributors for the USA and Canada. My wife's brother owns Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush in Germany and have worked in the factory several times to learn the airbrushes. I have been airbrushing for a few years but haven't spent much time practicing so I'm not very good at it. I went to three Airbrush Action Getaways in Orlando and learned a lot there. My biggest problem is control.:sour: My straight lines are jagged and my curved lines are wavy. I know..........PRACTICE!
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Hi and welcome to the Forum infinity.
Im from germany here, so i should get to know your wife´s brother if i ever need parts since i also use an Evolution here lol.
There are a lot of dealers in Germany. You can also contact Harder & Steenbeck in Hamburg directly .
Welcome from not so sunny all the time side of Florida. Hope you like the forum
hey welcome bro all the way from Toronto Canada .. so does this mean now we know you we get better deals on air brushes :triumphant: sweet lol enjoy the forum ........
Sounds like fun. I here it's great. Never been. Stopped riding in the 90's