Hey Gear heads



Any of you gear heads ever lap your needle to the nozzle? The thought occurred to me last night as I was cleaning that dang micro nozzle from my Neo...
Problem is getting the lapping compound totally out of the nozzle. But yes I have tried it just to see how it would work. It does do a great job at marrying the needle and nozzle , it was just apaint getting the compound out...
Did you notice any low air pressure performance gains from doing it?
Did you notice any low air pressure performance gains from doing it?

Better response time on the trigger pull , A little crisper lines on detailing. But at low pressure not really a huge difference that I could see.
Would it really need the compound? since the needle is steel and the nozzle is brass a softer metal?

Just curious :)
wouldn't it be easy to go a little far and perhaps put a ridge in the needle? or would the nozzle just be polished away before that happens?
yeah, being that the nozzle is softer, youd wear it away before youd create a ridge. At least thats my thought...
Wouldn't a ridge on the needle alter the air flow and in doing so would change the spray pattern?

Inquisitive minds want to know :)
Having to much pressure on the nozzle will cause it to wear down faster, but a good needle will not get a ridge line due to the softness of the nozzle.
When I did mine I have it set up when the nozzle had hardly any force on it and was mainly going to see it I could make a matched set.
When you read about the Micron , It is suppose to have a matched head system , To me that means that the head and the needle are match at the factory. So being a gear head I figured I would give it a go . I did use a needle and nozzle that had given me problems off the Eclipse CS, Being I had a brand new set to go in if it did not work out. But that brand new set is still in the package cause so far (2.5 years now) the set I lapped is working great.
But not something I will suggest just anyone to go try . It is like polishing a needle if you get it right paint flows great if you screw it up well you get to buy a new needle.