Hey guys



I'm Ippy. I'm a cosmetic tattooist from Texas and I've recently been turned on to airbrushing when a friend suggested I look into airbrush makeup and spray tanning. I consider myself an aspiring artist (who is painfully bored with traditional painting) so when I started looking up different supplies and techniques I realized that airbrushing is more than a quick job, it's a really appealing and highly underrated art form. I'm really interested in doing some fine art airbrushing but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start. Any pointers are welcomed!
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Hello and welcome. The best place to start would be to do the tutorials. Its will get you on your way and painting fine art before you know it!!

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Thanks guys! And I'm definitely going to do the tutorials once I get the right equipment.
Hi Ippy and welcome, I'm just beginning again and just bought an Iwata HP-C plus and I am totally blown away by how easy it is to use and how fine and detailed you can get the lines, depends on your budget but I would say get the best you can afford.
Happy airbrushing and "spread the love"!!
Thank yooouuu! And yeah, after doing a bit of research I've finally settled on getting the Iwata HP-C Plus.