Hey guys,



Im Rami From Israel

im airbrushing for about 4 year but barly have 200 hours in real time, dont have a proper place to work (until my new house will be finished)
so i manage to squeeze an hour or two in a week at good times and an hour or two in a month on regular times hehehe....
i use diffrent kind of airbrushes starting with brend of veda and go to badger and iwata.
i work on all kind of surface such as murals canvas panels hekmets motorcycle and more.

nice to meet you all and hope to become a part of this forum family

Welcome to the forum

I have only been here a short time but everyone seems great and there are a lot of talented people about with good advice
Welcome home Rami , Good to see you here , I am sure you know a lot on the folks on here.
Welcome Rami real glad you have joined our little family:). Look forward to seeing some of your work.
Thanks gyus for the worm welcome
i will upload some of my latest work

welcome to the brotherhood rami ! hehe its nothing that sinister actually....warm welcome from the uk
Nice to have you here Rami and good luck with the house building! hope you get a nice big space in the new Bach-pad:)