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Max Chickens

Hey Guys hows it going? just like to say im a big fan of the airbrush tutorials...cant wait till some more come out!!

So my name is Chris, i choose the alias Max Chickens just cause its fun to say, i work in the Aircraft Industry, i've got ZERO Airbrushing Exp...just lookin at tryng it out...ive been wanting to for a long time...been trying to find someone that does classes...but not really having any luck...tried asking in art shops and even in Makeup places that advertise lessons...no luck....then i discovered youtube....

So i travel round Aus a bit...living in Brizzneyland at the mo...eventually id like to get into things like motobike fuel tanks, work tool boxes, helmets...stuff like that....

cool, thats about it...
G'day Chris! good to have you on board mate! hope you get alot out of it & don't be worried to ask questions..
Hi chris welcome

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