Hey hey hey, from Dublin, Ireland


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Hi All,

I'm Delalio. Originally from the UK, but now living in Dublin long term.

Totally new to Airbrushing and art in general really. Did a bit as a kid in school, and the odd pencil sketch, but nothing really I'd consider a real attempt to create a picture / art. Until now!! :)

Bought an airbrush to base-coat models as a bit of a re-kindled childhood hobby, but with the inspiration of hours of impressive videos on YouTube, I'm keen to be able to produce a "photo-realistic" art piece using an airbrush.

I can just about sketch something acceptable with a pencil, but I am keen to learn, so I hope that counts for something!!

Kit-wise I have a 6L tanked compressor, Iwata HPC+ and Iwata BCS bottom feed, and a bunch of paints I'm not sure should go through an airbrush...

Anyway, hi, and go nice if you think I've asked a silly question.
I've only youtube to go off, as I don't think there are many people in Ireland who airbrush art, (Spraytan and nails seem to get a bit of attention, but thats not really my thing, being a 32 year old guy, and all that!) so when I go into art shops and ask about airbrushing advice, paints etc, I get a blank face staring back at me!!
I guesss it's a good thing i'm stubborn, else I'd have given this up long ago. ha.

Nice to meet you all...



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Welcome from New Zealand! This is a fun place. There are plenty of discussions for most questions people have. The search function is good. You've found Airbrushtutor youtube so that is cool as well.

Look forward to seeing some of your work.


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Welcome from Australia.
we're always here to help if needed, it can be overwhelming when starting, especially with no / little art background, but if you're serious and willing to learn then we are willing to help, guide and encourage you as you start your journey.


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Hi from the UK :) I'm pretty much in the same boat, I don't know anyone else in real life who airbrushes, and the only thing local art shops sell that will go through an airbrush, is certain FW inks. Which I did try when I started, but as I wanted something suitable for multi surfaces, and also lightfast, I eventually plumped for createx Wicked. I have to get all my supplies online, but if you only want one bottle nost suppliers will adjust postage if you contact them.

Many folks around here haven't any art background, or taken any classes, including myself. Admittedly its taking longer to learn, but then I'm a slow learner anyway lol. All the guys here will keep you pointed in the right direction, as long as you have determination and practice time, you'll do fine.


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Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It's really nice to feel welcomed into a community coming in as a solo person. (Even if it is just online!!)

Plan is to get good at painting pictures, then paint an actual design on my skydiving helmet instead of just block colours, masking, and dagger strokes! It looked good, but some of the stuff you guys are capable of is mind-blowing, and I want a bit of that cake!!

I'll definitely get online and order some paints as you guys have suggested.

I've created a thread about what to spray the paint onto also:

Looking forward to chatting with you all, and seeing some more awesome art.



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a lot of us are here because we don't know any real life airbrushers, its a very non judgement and very very helpful community. Nobody here is a diva and there is no belittling of newbies, so post away with any questions you have.
As Squishy has said, if being able to draw/have an art background was a pre requisite for airbrushing then a lot of us (me included) wouldn't have started.
with the help of the folks around here you'll be producing work you thought was beyond you in no time.

Above all, have fun. We enjoy a good chuckle if you hadn't already noticed lol


Welcome, Delalio!
Which kinds of paints are you thinking won't run through an airbrush? My biggest learning of the last couple months has been reducing (thinning) these paints to the point of good flow and fine atomization. Any standard modeling paints usually applied with a brush would likely need to be thinned to be airbrushable.


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Welcome to the forum Delalio. There's never a silly question here. There is loads of info on the site, have a search for what you want. If you can't find the answer then ask. Most paints will go through an airbrush BUT you could have problems with non airbrush paints. If you try them always strain them but that could also be said for airbrush paints. Straining it first eliminates any possible lumps of pigment. What have you got? What paints are you planning to buy?



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Hi Lee / Jord001.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I am currently using Golden Acrylics, which are then diluted / reduced with Airbrush medium. That is literally all I can find from searching about 15 art shops in/around Dublin.

I am looking at putting in an order for some of the more talked about brands like Createx, but I'm having to get them online, which is a pain. Means I dont get to view all the colours before buying...

As for straining that is a cool idea. I will have a look at that. I have heard some people have used teabags and coffee filters etc. I may give some filtering a try. I guess that is also more beneficial with older paints too. (Ones that have been opened, as they are more likely to start drying / forming lumps???)

Many thanks,