Hey there



Well I guess you can call me one of the many being 51 years young and just starting out. I was watching a show a few years ago about cars overhauling and they brought on Mike Lavallee from killer paints on I was amazed at how the art work came alive loved his art work and found a few others. So now Im trying it myself looking on youtube and ebay for ideas and equipment. gotta love it
Mick welcome! I'm 49 and loving the new artistic freedom airbrushing gives me. No limits and no rules. Paint on anything and everything. Enjoy the adventure and ask any questions you like.
Welcome Mick, dive in and enjoy yourself, all the info you will ever need is on this here forum.
Hi Mick I started when I was 39 and I find it to be a great way to relax after work
Hi Mick and welcome to the forum ,i feel positively young at 49 lol enjoy m8