hey ya'll i'm the new kid....what's up?? ;]



hello new friends..and everyone else..haha...well i just made my account on this forum, about 2 week's ago i made a account the airbrushforum.COM and i'm about done on that one for a while, i'm about got every thig absourbed that have to offer for now, and now i'm hear to suck up what what grate info ya'll have to offer, and add a little of my onw as well i hope,i'v been airbrushing 3 years or so on and off, i'v watched 100's of ab video's love to learn, stuty,and be taught, new ab stuff, i'm trying to start a liveing with my work and doing my best not to give up, the last few week's that has been a strugle!!, i do have a few of my onw youtube videos and am looking foreword to do more,...well that's good for this i think..now i'll go cheek this site out and see what you all have to offer a young punk like me:sulkiness:..it better be good out i'll come back edit this post and make fun of you all!!!...hahah kidding ya'll i'm sure it will be grate:witless:...thank's
Heya Zerrak... I see ya didn't include the butt crack of Michigan in your info yet.. Lol.
welcome to the forum... This is a great place to hang out. Stick around for awhile and post some stuff up.
HAHAHA cheeky bugger!!! i cant stop laughing!! MY GUTTS HURT NOW...wow never been called a cb...thank you for replying to my post, i'v watched all your youtube video's, and learned a lot...you do some GRATE work man, i'm glad to took the time out of your day to replay to my post..thank you..
HAHA hey chivo, i thought i'd cheek out the site a little before adding all that stuff..but just to make your day i'll do that right now haha..i will add some work at some point, i want to add more to youtube as well..=]
G'day mate. Welcome aboard, whats your handle on you tube so i can sheck out your work.
Welcome , sounds like you have tried the rest now you came to the best....
AAAAHHHHHH josh your a dukes fan???? well a possum on a gumbush son i never knew...i'm a huge fan of the show and will some day have my own 69 charger....and yes josh thank you for pushing me to this site, i stayed up tell 4am last night playing around on hear, thank you
my youtube name is zerrak1...i'm the kid with the ugly mugg hahaha thank's
Welcome zerrak1.....i think!!! You sound like a proper fruit loop....in which case...you came to the right place full of other little cheeky buggers:) Great to have you with us, enjoy yourself and spread that damn love!!!
Great to have you here zerrak. Global forum and I can tell your goin to add ALOT of energy in here. It's a great place to learn or teach and most times both. Enjoy your stay and welcome!