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Hello from Ireland! :glee:

Me and my brother are looking to learn airbrushing as a hobby and i thought i would join this forum and gain hints and tips from the experts.

I am completely new and have yet to touch an airbrush so i was hoping that some of you could give me some advice. I was considering buying an Iwata neo airbrush to start off and learn, do any of you recommend something different for a beginner ?

At the moment i just want to learn the basics and get used to it but in the future i would like to customize lorries (trucks), cars and bikes.

All help is apreciated!!

My brother purchased an iwata high performance plus, what are your views on this brush?
Welcome A, I'm not familiar with the HP+, but I believe it's a good brush, I have the Neo and that's a good beginner brush as well carrying the Iwata guarantee.

You'll all the info you need in the archives here, but you can speed up the process some by posting you queries as they arise.

It's that you already know what you want to do, that'll the guys advise you better, good luck with it all, and have a good look through the forum.
Great to hear meesh, far too much free time at the moment when i'm not working, I need a serious hobby! haha. Always loved art but haven't picked up as much as a pencil since school (7 years ago)

Thanks for the posts ^_^
welcome fron honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:smile-new:
Welcome Anazoth. You'll learn just great here .... just remember time, patience and practice!
Welcome Home Anazoth. your brother picked up a really nice brush and a great one to learn on.
Look forward to seeing yours and your brothers work , Get him on here to .
Hi Anazoth, welcome to the forum, The neo is a good beginner brush or so I've heard, though you may outgrow it pretty fast. I haven't used one myself. But your brother has a great brush, and you can compare the two to see if the extra money is worth spending. Check out the vids and excercises to get you on your way, and there's always someone to answer any questions without having to wait too long. Read some of the beginner threads and type keywords in the search bar and you may find the answer while you 're waiting.
Welcome from Calgary, I'm not familiar with those specific brushes, but I guarantee someone in this forum will know something.
welcome to the family from sunny South Africa

You have come to the right place :)
Thanks for the international welcome

Will be ordering my airbrush at the weekend and will be asking for your help later! :D