Hi all, complete noob here!



I've been into R/C flying for years (20+) but only now have I decided to decorate my models with a little realism. Enter the airbrush. I went cheap to start with. I picked up a Veda 182 (even though I ordered a Veda 134 but that's a different story). I have no idea where to begin other than that. I have a really nice industrial grade 27 gallon air compressor and all the fittings are already in place. Now I just need to figure out what paint to use and what accessories, additives, and other stuff I need to get going. I do plan on practicing a bit but my eventual goal is to add really nice little details to my models.

So... I have a brand new airbrush and no paint and no idea where to start. Who wants to throw in their advice?

Thanks all!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home,like i do!!!:angel:not into airmodeling,but there are plenty of guys here that will gladly help you getting started!!!
Welcome to the forum, go check the paint thread that's where you'll find the most info on the different paints. You should post your question there also :)
Hi Gahawn. Agree with whiteKnight, check out the paint thread on the forum homepage, I'm sure you'll find some great advice. My personal advice is to go for the Wicked range of paints if you are wanting something waterbased, but make sure you get the W500 reducer (there is a W100 reducer, but the W500 is new and much better at reducing tip dry, and drying, and makes it a bit tougher). I use this for motorcycles as it is light fast, but it is very versatile and can be used on most surfaces. But read through the threads as other people prefer different brands or find they suit their needs better. Are you going to be using a clear laquer? If you are planning to use rattle cans look for the 2k cans that have the harderner that you activate when you use it, although they do go off after 24 hours, it is a much tougher clear. Can't give you any advice about Urothane paints I'm afraid as I don't use 'em. You might consider airbrush restorer too which should help keep your AB in top condition, and some airbrush lube (make sure it's specifically for an AB as it won't affect your paint). If they do a quick release connector for your AB you may find it useful, particulary if you plan on getting more brushes later on. Anyway good luck, check out the practice sheets and exercises by the tutor to get you started, they are the foundation for everything you need to learn to be able to paint.
welcome Gahawn

this be a great place for freinds, advice and hangin out :)
Hi Gahawn:) we have a fair few RC modelers on here, a couple that could help you off the top of my head would be Madbrush and Bentoad. Hope you find answers to all the questions you have! will see you around the forum..
Hi Gahawn, welcome to the forum! Like Squishy said, Wicked is a good "everything" paint. You can paint on any surface with it. I started painting with it and love it.