Hi All from Sydney Australia


Red Baron

Hi all, I just joined the forum this week and have had a quick look around. You airbrushes have got some great stuff going on here.

I started airbrushing 12 months ago after doing a 5 day course with a really close buddy of mine. We had an awesome time learning as much as we could, I've been hooked every since. I've only done that one coarse and hopefully going to do another next year. Unitl then I'm painting whatever doesn't move before I load my gun :)

I'll load up some of my work in the other part of the forum to show everyone what I've been up to. Cheers! and looking forward to enjoying the airbrush forum.


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Welcome Red Baron , if did is the result in a 5 day course you have much talent, awsome looking work you did there
Wow fantastic work mate, you certainly got the mojo for airbrushing...love the pedal bin
Hey thanks heaps for the warm welcome and kind words. Cheers!
The motorbike front guard I did the week after finishing the course. The dragon I did about a month after ( I reproduced it off an image that a customer wanted done) The canvas size for that one was 1500mm x 1200mm. The pedal bin was a gift for my dads hobby room (i'll put more pics of that up in the other part of the forum. The other two girls are large canvas 1500mm x 1200mm each.
obviously very talented Red Baron! great looking work mate, looking forward to seeing what works you produce in the future if this is only after a 5 day course:eagerness:
Hi and welcome ,looks like you could teach us newbies a few things .5 days!!!!! strewth m8 thats some natural talent .
Hi and welcome from the UK

CAn you paint directly onto chrome or does it have to be keyed? Just wondering woul keying chrome reveal the nickel layer underneath ?
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Love the bin and dragon! :D

Lotsa talent over there for sure, keep m coming and enjoy the forum!
Hi and thanks again.
I was asked can you paint directly on to chrome. I'd say no. I've never been asked to do anything on chrome as yet. I've always been told you need to have a key for the base coat to stick. Chrome is a super hard coating and you would have to use a very coarse abrasive to key it resulting in a uneven surface and possible breaking into the nickel. I have tried acid etch on polished stainless to bite into it. I was planning on have a piece of art that was part polished stainless with airbrushing and pinstriping. I found that did lift slightly in a couple of area when I tested it by scratching it with my fingernail. My back to the drawing board with that one.
Don`t bother trying to paint on chrome .You are far better off painting the item with chrome paint in the normal manner of prep work .You then clear the chrome paint with a waterbased intercoat clear ,this reduces any drop off in its reflectance . Now you can ab on the top . Be sure to make sure that all the tail solvents have properly dispersed from the chrome paint before commencing with further works .
Hey, Hey I'm so excited I had to tell someone. I just got my new setup in the mail today. Up til now I've been using an Iwata HPC plus brush with a Iwata Smart Jet Pro compressor. Well in the mail today I received my new Iwata Micron CMC and an Iwata Power Jet Lite HT. I'm busting to use it, so tomorrow will be a great day up in the studio. Can't wait. Oh man I'm excited!
Congrats on the Micron mate, hope to see some artwork soon :D
Welcome to the Forums Red Baron!

I love the graphic style of your work. Very striking. The Blue Dragon looks like a baby on his first flight, and is surprised to find himself in the air.

To: Worldofglasscraft

Paint needs a rough surface to bind to; it fills in the nooks and crannies, and this is why it "sticks" to the surface of the substrate. Chrome would be too slick in order for this action to take place, so the paint would eventually peel. If you want to see a good demonstration, and explanation, look up Svee on Youtube. He airbrushes on guitars, and in some of his videos he goes through the process. Hope this helps.
Thanks again to all. Much appreciated! I started playing around with my new setup today and I'm buzzin'. Its awesome!