hi all sorry for only just posting about myself



Hi all my name is JP or Japper to friends,

..........well, I'm Dad to three sons and a daughter and never seem to have any time for anything!! Hehehe!
I'm from North Lincolnshire, but currently living in Malta. I've been tattooing since 1997, owned a couple of shops in the UK then last year we decided to try life in the sun and now I'm working in a busy studio out here.
My main interests are art based - tattooing, airbrushing and painting. I am a keen motorcyclist who enjoys building and repairing custom bikes. I am also an amateur radio user, but not so much time for that over here :(

Airbrushing is something I start getting good at, but then life gets in the way and before I know it 6 months has passed and I'm back to square one again! I'm currently using H&S Infinity & Evolution, AA, Golden High Flow, FW Inks and should be getting some Wicked Detail colours soon :)

During my time tattooing I've attended numerous conventions and got to see a lot of Europe and some of the USA. I was involved in the running of an annual UK based International Tattoo Convention where I was lucky enough to be one of the competition judges. It was a great opportunity to see a wide selection of the amazing work out there. Through working the conventions I got to meet the late Phil Bestford who inspired me in lots of ways.

While trawling the net recently I came across Airbrush Tutor and his channel on YouTube! Ultimately this led me to the forum and here I am ;)
Thank you to anyone who helps me out and if I can be of any help in the tattooing department just ask .....JP
Welcome home JP, I have known a lot of tattoo artist who break into airbrushing and some airbrush artist who break into tattooing.
Both do go hand in hand when you think about color wash and traditional black and grey. Look forward to seeing not only you airbrush work but your tattoos as well

We are a growing family here so make yourself at home.
Welcome to the forum. I've seen a few people on here transition their tattoo skills in to airbrushing, and come up with some amazing work. And, if your offering, I may PM you for some tattoo cover up advice. Yeah, I was a stupid kid once. LOL
Welcome to the forum.

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thank you for the reply Mr Micron, yes my tattooing does help me in airbrushing i've even and still do :eek-new: use old tattoo inks for painting some times. ok will do, i'll keep you all updated of all my work ...JP
hi foreveryoung001 thanks for the reply :positive: yep you can PM me and i'll try to help when and where i can maybe even sketch you some thing up ....JP
thank you every one for you warm welcome to the forum :positive:
Hi Japper. Welcome to the forum. I love tattoo art and can't wait to see what you do with the AB

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Hi Japper, love tattoo art, and think it's a great crossover with airbrushing. Hope you get the time to progress with your ABing, in the meantime post some of your tattoo work, I'm sure people would like to see some!
Welcome to the forum JP, you have hit on a wealth of info and experience here. Lets see some of your work tattoo or airbrush. Looking forward to seeing some pics

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Hey jp..... thanks for the great intro buddy. ... it's good to hear you are making a real go of it out there. .... is not easy to follow your dreams and actually have it work out huh. . So much respect for doing so... can nor wait to see some of your work Bro. ....tattoo and airbrush. .... how long did you say you have been airbrushing now?? What kind of stuff do you find yourself doing more than others