hi all



Hi everyone, I used to do a lot of airbrushing 20 years ago so my art is very illustrated and out dated.. I want to learn freehand and auto art.. I see alot of very talented ppl on this forums so I hope I can learn alot from you guys. Ive only done a few pieces of work in the last 12 years or do... I use a HP-B and CM-B and was looking at getting a Hi-Line HP-BH so if anyone has used one what they like?.. I also found out that they have stopped making CS-10.. Shocker!, so whats the best alternative? heres just o few pics of my out dated stuff...



Tsunami airbrush

Ben came, works fine compliments. I started in art school, then I quit for many years, but the art sooner or later calls you back.
Now I've started painting again for 2 months and it's wonderful to share the works in this forum. ;)

ad fez

hi andy

really love your work the (and please exscuse this shady description) "carmen miranda style" pop art is fab and really shows some talent, i also think the caddy is great. so cool to have a local(ish) gent with a wealth of experience and a new found passion for the arts. welcome aboard buddy


(also another brit)