Hi all



I've only been airbrushing for a bit now. I'm still figuring out how to control the thing. I'm completely addicted :)

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here and making some fabulous art!
Hello ekko and welcome , this is a great place with lots of great folks to hang with , get helps form and most of all have a good time.
Welcome from Florida Ekko. Very friendly group in here. Check out all of the info already posted and get some free advise when needed. Most off, just have fun with the AB and don't get discouraged.
Hi ekko, welcome aboard and have fun with your airbrush :)
I love that people come from everywhere on this site. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
hello there from the sunny Uk!!! feel free to ask anything and just be creative, have fun and go for it:)
Welcome from Chattanooga TN!! Enough with the hoop la, get to painting lol!! Seriously if I can help in any way just shoot me a message!!

Welcome to the forum ekko! Im a bit of a newbie myself. Ive already met several great people here, and some of them (wont mention any names, wouldnt want to offend Seamonkey or anything) are a lot like me.......full of crap, haha, j/j, theres lots of knowledge here and everyone seems willing to help, love it here already!!!
You all don't even know how much help I've gotten just by reading through the posts up already. I could spend hours on this site. However I'm itching to get painting :)