Hi all


Montah Steel

another aussie here, new to the scene, but long in the tooth. im in the 40-50 year old male demographic who said mmmmmm ""lines...........""


learning to airbrush to paint my own hand made lures. also enjoying the tutorials and working through them. have learnt an immense amount, so cant thank the legend himself enough, airbrush tutor. also to the rest that contribute to such a great site.
hey buddy and welcome......you wil find all the info you need on here.....any questions hit the search tab and if you can't find it there then just ask the question....our mod seamonkey had done a few really great lures that may inspire you a bit.....ask the best for now

Welcome Home Montah Steel. You have found the best place on the planet to learn and have fun..
Hi Montah, welcome from the UK. I'm sure you will find evrything you are looking for amongst these hallowed pages!