Hi all



How is everyone doing this fine day.
my name is Tim feel free to call me that or "deuce" everyone does. I am from Pennsylvania.
ive been airbrushing off and on now for about 25 yrs. got into it when my brothers started rebuilding old cars, right now the only things I am doing any airbrushing on is props, customers costumes, and custome motorcycles. I am always looking to learn some new things.
Welcome home deuce . nice to have you in the family and look forward to seeing your work.
Welcome bro, glad to have you here can't wait to see some of your art
Hey duece, hi from the uk, looking forward to seeing some of your work, and some words of wisdom from an experienced ABer.
welcome from sunny South Africa deuce, you are at the right place
:hopelessness: Such warm welcome almost enough to make a guy tear up. Lol