Hi All



Hi, just signed up from the UK,
Bought myself a cheap gravity fed airbrush as I already have an huge compressor, and a regulator. Enjoying playing about with airbrushing anything that doesn't move :)

I'm mostly into the old skool airbrushing on custom bikes, and would like to progress to that sort of thing but with a twist (think flaming chilies instead of flaming skulls )

Got more enthusiasm than skill :).
Welcome home BigSi
Nice to add you to the family ,
Flaming Chilies good ideal I have seen some on a lowrider when I was living in Texas.
He even had one painted to look like the skeleton of a chilli pepper .
hey si.... welcome to the family brother, the cheap AB's are ok for learning with but they are a little inconsistant, some people get on fine with them,b some have nothing but problems due to poor manufacture ( it was fine for me to start with) but when you are sure you like this art then i would suggest upgrading.

enthusiasm is key in this art mate so you should do well, without it its pointless so start slinging that paint and if you have any questions come up then be sure to ask,

where bouts in the u.k are you?
Welcome to the forum from the US.

Have to agree on the cheap AB. It's a start, just one heck of a way to frustrate yourself though. I started with an Amazon cheapo, it was fun, but finicky as all heck. Then I bought a Badger Patriot and saw the light. Can't go wrong with a good brand name.

Have fun spraying.

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thanks all, I was wondering what separated the 12 quid ab's from the 120 quid ones .... Im in Cheshire btw
apart from 108 quid the difference is massive, consistancy of being able to pull lines, atomization feel, build quality, durability, parts etc etc..... at end of august kustum kulture blast off is on in spalding lincs, and last year ken from badger was there selling some very nice brushes very cheaply for example, badger krome for 50 quid, to buy that over here would be nearer the 150 - 200 mark
might mosy along then although the rwelve quid one does provide some comfort when I drop it etc. sort of ab training wheels :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:eagerness: